I have a precious friend who asked a very important question that all of us ponder at times. I decided to ask for help here: http://pastorglenn.wordpress.com/2011/04/18/salvation-by-grace-through-faith-look-at-the-overwhelming-evidence/
and he was so kind and helpful that he actually devoted an entire post at his blog to my request for help. Pastor Glenn has a great blog. He studies hard and thinks very deeply as he strives to know the heart of our Heavenly Father and his Holy Word.

Pastor Glenn's Weblog

“If I’m pretty sure that I’m going to commit the same sin again, how can I repent and turn the other way?  Does confession at some point become a lie?”

What a great question!  It came to me from the comments of a fellow blogger, who then asked me for my opinion on it.  It’s a great question because it is so honest, because it reveals the depth of our sinfulness, and because it reveals the nature of genuine faith in Christ.

The simple answer is, “No.  Confession of that nature is not a lie; it is, in fact, more honest than most confessions.”  Moore to Ponder’s words about 1 John 1:8-10 are a great commentary on this point.  (My gut reaction is to say that the most damaging lie we could utter is “I have no sin.  I sinned once, but I will “never” commit “that” sin again.)  True confession…

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