Raina Colette (My very first college descriptive essay…)

Scripture reference;

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, he has put eternity into man’s heart, yet so that he cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end.” Ecclesiastes 3:11 ESV

About a week ago I got back my very first descriptive essay that I wrote for my “Composition I” class.  I got a “B-“. I am a first semester freshman who still has much to learn. Perhaps my writing will become more beautiful in time, too. 🙂

We were taken out behind the library on our campus. It is a lovely campus. It is about 100 years old. The buildings are brick with beautiful columns like so much of the architecture in the South. Even the newer buildings were constructed in such a way that they would complement them. The grounds are so pretty…green grass and pretty trees…oaks, magnolias, and a few others.


Here is a picture of the rear entrance to the ATU Library and the crepe myrtle to which this essay is devoted.

Raina Colette

And here is a close-up photo of a Crepe Myrtle like Raina Colette:

close-up of a crepe myrtle limb

crepe myrtle limb


Our instructor told us to pick our own tree, give it a name, and use personification, and also to appeal to the five senses as much as possible. Below is my essay:

Raina Collette

A short distance from the rear entrance to the ATU Library there stood one of a number of young Crepe Myrtles that had been selected as a foundation planting. Although she looked much like the others when viewed from a distance, she possessed her own unique charm that was cordial, sanguine, and vivacious at closer inspection.  Her graceful, fountain-like shape assumed that of those southern belles one might encounter at a cotillion, while her soft pink plumes were reminiscent of the French lilac, whereas lacking the sweet, heady fragrance of the latter.  As the afternoon breeze sifted through her dark green leaves, she shivered with delight. She was no giant like many oaks, nor ostentatious like a magnolia in full bloom, but she managed to make her presence known in that way many young ladies with proper upbringing usually master by the arrival of summer.  Any thoughtful onlooker would be compelled to call her Raina Collette.

The five strong and sinewy branches that comprised her trunk reached upward and outward with confident anticipation like the graceful arms of a ballerina that had been poised for a pirouette. Each one had its own distinct contours and curves that might be appreciated as a natural piece of sculpture worthy of display. The tawny bark was smooth to the touch, as if it had been sanded to a fine-textured finish. Although Raina’s branches were slender, they were like the limbs of an accomplished dancer. They would never have been considered frail.

Raina’s leaves were shaped like a mouse’s ear, and at that time of the year were an attractive deep green with delicate veins, but they were not her focal point. However, they remained content to keep their humble place while Raina was in bloom, and waited their turn. Their time to show off would come later in autumn when they would make their debut in stunning shades of red and orange.  Still, they did manage to draw a little attention. They cheerfully sang the light notes of a chorus as the wind, their gentle maestro, conducted them.  Their song was a soft serenade that would soothe the minds of its small audience on their afternoon breaks outdoors. It could be heard just outside the door of the building, but took one far away from the stress and agitation that is sometimes found in the workplace.

It is true that Raina had a number of beautiful features, but all summer long her blooms were her glory that she wore like a crown.  Covered with an array of luscious blooms in a light shade of pink that was the color of strawberry frosting, she was a striking vision of loveliness. Each of her plumes was comprised of an abundance of tiny, delicate, and ruffled, blossoms that were crinkled like crepe paper.  Some might say that they had no fragrance, but if one were to inhale deeply at the right time of day, he/she might detect a light fragrance with just a hint of sweetness, but never overpowering. After all, Raina was a lady.

In my humble estimation, Raina Colette truly was all that her name implied.  From her head down to her toes she held all of those captivating qualities that never fail to entice, yet she still was a young lady of discretion and grace. She carried herself with a warm, gentle, and optimistic air. She had an ability to draw a person out of himself/herself without failing to share just enough to cause one to linger awhile under her enchanting spell. Time spent with Raina was time well spent. Her hospitality provided a pleasant afternoon respite that would surely re-energize, and even inspire anyone who might have been suffering from fatigue, boredom, or even frazzled nerves. I am, and forever will be both pleased and grateful to have made her acquaintance.

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